Our Staff

We have three full-time, live-in staff members and a Board of Directors all working together to create a community of holiness and growth.

Kevin Lynch


Mel Poulin 

Mel is a homeschooling mother of seven children. After experiencing a dramatic conversion and spending five years with the John Paul II Bible School in Radway, AB, she has dedicated herself and all she has, to Christ. Mel has been involved in healing prayer ministry since her conversion in 2000. She has both experienced and witnessed amazing things through this ministry, and continues to offer it at the Way of Holiness. It is her desire that all may come to know the freedom found in a life lived for Jesus.


Danny Poulin

Danny is a hands-on and ever-present husband and father of seven children. Though happiest in the great outdoors, he also enjoys leading Praise & Worship and taking part in a good conversation. After growing up in the faith, he went on to spend a year at the John Paul II Bible School in Radway, AB, followed by three years in the seminary. He has a deep love for Christ and the Church, and enjoys sharing his faith with others.