Daily Prayer

We encourage guests to take part in our life of prayer, which consists of three visits to the Blessed Sacrament each day, as follows:

  • Morning Prayer at 8:00 am: A short time of praise and worship with intercessory and recited prayer, lasting about 20 minutes.

  • Afternoon 3:00 pm: The Chaplet of Divine Mercy followed by an Hour of Adoration

  • Evening 9:00 pm: Prayer of the Liturgy

We also attend mass with the local parish when it is available, pray the rosary, and pray a Perpetual Novena of Surrender.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer ministry, available upon request, is first and foremost an encounter with God. It is facilitated by a trained prayer ministry leader. and involves coming to him with our wounds and false beliefs, that we may be healed. Here we experience peace and joy while coming to know His true love for us.

Above all, prayer ministry builds and strengthens our relationship with God and gives us an opportunity to know Him personally. This is a unique and life changing aspect of the Way of Holiness that we strongly encourage guests and members to take advantage of at some point during their stay.



  • Another aspect of our prayer life involves our diet which follows the Liturgical Calendar and serves as a symbolic bridge uniting our bodies with the spiritual aspects of our faith.

  • We enjoy a simple, vegetarian diet and refrain from treats and candies on regular days. We place emphasis on Feast days and Solemnities, which are celebrated, to great extent, with elaborate meals containing meat, desserts, and  goodies. These celebrations often include the greater community of Hinton.

  • In this way, the good and plentiful food of feast days can serve as a taste of the heavenly banquet promised to those who love God and keep His commandments. It brings our minds to remember the meaning and purpose of these feasts and Holy Days celebrated by the Church. A simple diet that leaves our bodies wanting can serve as a reminder that our souls too, long for nourishment.

  • Such abstinence can bring our bodies into submission in order for the spirit to push beyond the distractions and desires of the flesh keeping us from experiencing a deeper intimacy with God. 

  • It is a long held teaching in the Catholic Church that sacrifice - such as fasting or abstaining - can be a prayer offered to God for souls or as reparation for our own sins. Our simple diet thus becomes a prayer offered up daily for our guests, loved ones, and those in need. 

  • If on your own, you’re not quite ready to commit to a vegetarian lifestyle, you can participate in the prayer of diet by committing to a couple days of week without meat, and none, apart from fish, on Fridays.