Sister Mary-Jo Biography - Our Story

The Way of Holiness retreat center was founded by Sr. Mary-Jo Cassidy, in 1981. Formerly a member of the Sisters of the Precious Blood, she felt God’s calling to provide a place for people to enjoy prayer and solitude. She wanted to create a space that would facilitate growth in spiritual maturity and intimacy with God. Sr. Mary-Jo was a woman of great faith who relied on Jesus for everything. She went to her heavenly home on Aug. 25th, 1999.

Following with this vision, the Way of Holiness remains a place where one can retreat from the burdens of everyday life, receive healing prayer, and grow in holiness alongside others.

Decades later, Sr. Mary-Jo’s vision has resulted in a transient community of like-minded individuals and families seeking personal holiness and healing.

Soon, the desire to share the Way of Holiness mission, gave birth to our community working together, to provide and facilitate retreats and other Christ-centered events.


Our Patron Saint Philomena

The Way of Holiness has blessed Saint Philomena as our Patron Saint. At 13, shortly after taking her vows of consecrated virginity, she was martyred by Diocletian, a Roman Emperor from 284 - 305. He had fallen in love with her and after her refusal to marry him, he subjected her to a series of torments, including drowning and shooting her with arrow to name a few. All of which the angels healed her, until finally, the Emperor had her decapitated. According to the story, she was decapitated on a Friday, at three in the afternoon. They same as the death of Jesus. Saint Philomena is the Patron Saint of babies, infants, and youths.

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